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Rudolf Westerberg AB, est. 1961 offer YOU a complete line of pneumatic and electronic controlsystems, also semi-automated, or fully automated assembly equipment for all your manufacturing needs.

We provide our customers with industrial press equipment, plus machinery for precision sheet metal, forming, metal fastening systems, stamping, and assembly. We construct, build and install our systems on location in Sweden.

Together with our customers we create cost efficient and environmentally sound solutions while maintaining the highest quality.

Trough our associate partners we're also able to offer these services globally.

Reliable businesspartner: Rudolf Westerberg have gotten the rating by Dun & Bradstreet

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In case you have entered this website looking for information on the TOX® range of products we can tell that we are a joint venture partner to TOX®.
Yet for international contacts on TOX® producs we warmly recommend that you follow this link to the main website for TOX® pressotechnik GMBH in Germany

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